Professional Supervision

In the complex contemporary working environment being able to manage exacting and conflicting demands is a vital skill. Being able to balance demands and pressures from both inside and outside the job is necessary if we are to be successful and fulfilled in all the areas of life we value.

Developing a 'reflective practice' is acknowledged as a way of ensuring our approach to work is sustainable and effective.

Supervision is a recognised professional arrangement that effectively facilitates reflective practice across a wide range of professions. It is a professional contracted relationship of trust and transparency that enables all aspects of work to be scrutinised, considered, questioned and reviewed.

It generates confidence, is empowering, releases energy and fosters creativity and vision for work and the rest of life. It minimises the disabling effects of anxiety and stress, self criticism, external judgement and pressures.

A positive way to make sure one can function well in a modern working environment.

In practise supervision usually involves a regular monthly meeting of one or one and a half hours.

The fee for a one hour Professional Supervision session is £50

If you would like to find out more about Professional Supervision please get in touch here.

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