Counselling Supervision

Supervision provides the opportunity for open and honest reflection on working as a counsellor. It is a safe and protected space for learning that leads to the counsellors’ individual development and the potential to deliver the best possible service. It provides support for the anxieties that counselling work entails and a positive environment for work to be monitored, evaluated developed and celebrated.

Supervision is vital for good counselling practice

I offer counsellor supervision that attends to

  • developing a good relationship as the foundation of effective supervision
  • careful contracting of our overall arrangement and individual sessions
  • working with a variety of supervision models
  • the personal and professional development of the supervisee
  • the welfare of clients
  • the counsellors’ education & support
  • the upholding of ethical & professional standards
  • regular revue to ensure continued effectiveness of supervision
  • a variety of approaches to maintain challenge and interest

The fee for a Counselling Supervision session is £50

You are welcome to contact me for further information or to arrange a meeting if you are interested in exploring further counselling supervision with me, please get in touch here.

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