Human Givens Therapy

The human givens approach to psychotherapy is based on the premise that humans have a set of innate needs (or 'givens') and if these needs are not met, psychological distress can follow. Practitioners believe that these needs have been refined over thousands of years and that we have in-built resources to help us fulfil these needs.

When these resources fail to work and one or more of our needs aren't fulfilled, we may then suffer psychologically. By helping individuals establish which of these needs aren't being met, practitioners of human givens therapy can go on to strategise ways to fulfil these needs.

The ideas behind this approach have been simmering within psychotherapy for centuries, however this adaption into a type of therapy was introduced in 2003 by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell. On this page we will look at what the human givens are, how human givens therapy works and the associated theory of dreaming.

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