EMDR Treatment

If your past is strongly and negatively controlling your life, Eye Movement Desentisitization & Reprogramming may be able to help you.

This is a treatment developed to help anyone whose present life is strongly affected by past experiences. Day to day life is spoiled either regularly or periodically by strong memories, dreams, nightmares, panic, anxieties, avoiding situations that remind, having to keep busy, working hard not to think about past events.

It is difficult to live life normally because of the effect of something in the past. This may be due to a single event in the past like an accident or experience in a war zone. It could equally be experiences over a much longer period of time like a difficult childhood, an abusive relationship or bullying at school.

There are many different types of experiences that are traumatic and have a profound effect on later life because they are difficult to deal with.

EMDR is a treatment used to help with the effects of these experiences sometimes called PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The process changes a disturbing memory that is having a strong effect into one that is no longer emotionally distressing and can be thought of without a strong reaction.

The past can be remembered without being re-experienced.

The present can be lived free of ties to the past.

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