Counselling for Christians

If a Christian faith is central to your life then it can be particularly difficult to be struggling with a problem you cannot find a way to resolve. Especially difficult when problems go on for a long time or are deep and difficult to cope with.

When prayer, wisdom from the Bible, support from the church and perseverance have not brought an answer then what can you do?

It is confusing. A sense of hopelessness can creep up. It can certainly make you feel a failure. It can take away enjoyment of life. It can bring a dullness to faith. Resignation and trying to explain things away can follow.

Sometimes it is just not possible to make progress with the usual ways of approaching problems. It does not mean there is not an answer and you have to be stuck with no way forward. It just means that fresh understanding and different approaches are needed.

Counselling, particularly with someone who appreciates these dilemmas, can be very helpful in finding understanding and opening up a way forward.

If you are a Christian who feels stuck with difficulties from which you have suffered for some while and those around you are not able to appreciate, if you have already tried hard and persevered to make changes but this has not worked and you cannot see a way out then let me encourage you that counselling could be the way to make sense of it all.

Contact me if you think this would help in your situation.

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