Can Counselling Help you?

Resolve Counselling can help with a wide range of troubling emotional and psychological difficulties.

 You should consider counselling if …

  • You have lost energy or enthusiasm for life and don’t know why
  • You are regularly experiencing distressing difficulties with sleeping or dreams
  • Worrying thoughts are crowding in and cannot be ordered or silenced
  • Your confidence is being undermined at work
  • You cannot see how you can cope any longer
  • The past seems to haunt or control you and holds you back
  • Your enthusiasm for life has gone and you want to recover it
  • Life seems out of control or no longer has direction
  • You feel you want to change but can’t – the same things keep happening
  • You are struggling to cope after a bereavement or other loss or change
  • You are having difficulties with relationships
  • You struggle with confidence in yourself and want to achieve more
  • You feel you are stressed, anxious or experience panic attacks
  • You have a problem with anger, compulsive behaviour, an addiction or are recovering from a traumatic event

All of these are reasons why people come for counselling help.

If some of these describe your situation then counselling is likely to help you.

To talk in confidence about your situation or find out more please get in touch here.

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