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Resolve Counselling Exeter

A counselling service based in Exeter, Devon. Dave Cordrey is an Accredited Counseller with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) who has 15 years of experienced of helping people with a wide range of Counselling needs.

Most of us struggle with life from time to time. Our normal ways of coping with life can seem to fail us. Our ways of understanding ourselves and what is happening to us may get confused. We can lose direction, energy and motivation and get stuck.

Counselling can be instrumental in helping us to find ourselves again and get back to normal. It can help us to recover the sense of our own power, regain confidence, discover new direction and find renewed enthusiasm for our life.

If you are experiencing difficulty in knowing how to cope with your life at the moment then a period of Counselling could be the way to finding the answers you need.

To talk in confidence about your situation or find out more please get in touch . . .

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